Kinyo Virginia Vision
To be a recognized, world-class provider of high value services and products that enhance the print quality and technical capabilities for the printing industry in the Americas and selected international markets.

Kinyo Brochure
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ISO 9001-2000 ISO 14001

Kinyo Virginia printing blankets combine leading-edge technology
with consistent manufacturing excellence.


President’s Message

Kinyo Virginia, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the specialized manufacture of printing blankets. Our mission is to manufacture and deliver superior quality offset printing blankets that meet or exceed our customer's requirements and deliver exceptional performance in every respect, enabling us to pursue worldwide competitive markets. How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself.

The following basic values are fundamental to success for the Company.

Kinyo thrives on tough challenges. Kinyo has the dynamism to stay ahead through leading-edge technology.

Kinyo stays one step ahead of the times. Our vast and varied product lineup ensures we have a product to meet every need.

Production System
Kinyo aims to maintain top quality at all times and to respond rapidly to customer needs.

Research and Development
Our forward-looking initiatives allow us to be highly proactive in responding to needs.